About Dr. Hundae


Dr. Hundae has participated in numerous researches and has several publications. He also has outstanding academic performance. He has received ‘an outstanding academic award’ 3 years in a row during his internal medicine training. He had the highest board score during his cardiology fellowship compared to his peers.

He started practicing cardiology in 2015 with Charlotte Heart and Vascular Institute in Port Charlotte Florida. He then founded Port Charlotte Cardiology in 2019. Dr Hundae practices evidence based medicine and he believes American College of Cardiology guidelines are a blueprint for evidence based medicine. Beside delivering science based care, he also believes in caring with compassion. As one of the components of compassion, he also emphasizes listening to patients.

Dr. Hundae is a fellow at American College of Cardiology, and a member of several medical societies. He also has served at HCA Fawcett Hospital leadership as part of the credentialing committee for 2 years and medical executive member for another 2 years.  He is currently the director of Cardiac rehab, and director of Echo department as well.

Off duty, he likes to spend time with his family. He also plays keyboard instruments with melodies similar to slow blues. He is passionate about learning astrophysics, the universe, time, and theories about fundamental particles.

Dr. Hundae is Board Certified
in 5 Specialties Which Includes

Medical Education and Training

Premedical and Doctor of Medicine Degree<br> <strong>Jimma University School of Medicine.</strong>Premedical and Doctor of Medicine Degree
Jimma University School of Medicine.
Internal medicine Residency<br><br> <strong>Mercer University School of Medicine/Navicent Health.</strong>Internal medicine Residency

Mercer University School of Medicine/Navicent Health.
Heart Failure/Heart Transplant fellowship<br> <strong>University of Miami/Jackson Health System.</strong>Heart Failure/Heart Transplant fellowship
University of Miami/Jackson Health System.
Cardiovascular fellowship<br><br> <strong>Baylor University Medical Center.</strong>Cardiovascular fellowship

Baylor University Medical Center.

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